About Me

Hi, welcome to my blog – A Tiny Jar!

In 2012 I started this blog as I way to share my crafting, baking, and decorating adventures – as well as whatever else is sparking my interest.

Follow me each day as I share with you what i’ve been working on. Thanks for stopping by!

And now… A few facts about me 🙂

My name is Ashten May.

1. I love brushing my teeth. It’s sort of an addiction.
2. I am never late, and hate when others are. If I say I am going to be there at 7:00, I mean it.
3. I’m big on making lists. I like knowing everything I have to do and LOVE crossing things off when they are done.
4. I’ve always wished I could play an instrument.
5. I love to eat, but I’m quite picky. I don’t eat chocolate, mayo, seafood, anything barbequed, GREEN BEANS… etc.
6. Speaking of food—I love chicken.
7. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Because of that, I believe there is no such thing as a coincidence.
8.  I love anything pink, or sequins.
9. I love learning new things.
10. I have a degree in elementary education and a minor in special education.
11. I am very patient.
12. Three words: I hate competition.
13. I love mornings (usually), I’d rather get up early to get something done then have to spend all day doing it later.
14. I have a hard time with change.
15. I have fears of airplanes, elevators, tall buildings, small spaces and large crowds.
16. I tend to think way too much into things.
17. I honestly can’t show emotion– I never have. I could be having the best or worst day and no one would know it. This drives my mom crazy.
18. I’ve only broken one bone. It was in my foot—on my 18th birthday. I didn’t go the doctor for a week. (bad choice!)
19. During my free time in the summer, you’ll always find me sitting outside.
20. I am very easy to get along with.
21. I won’t buy an article of clothing unless it’s on sale.
22. I love super chunky peanut butter… and salsa.
23. Nothing is better than a little (or long) nap in the afternoon. They always feel fabulous.
24. I’m usually able to fall asleep within 10 minutes of going to bed. This makes some people quite jealous. I don’t get how people just can’t fall asleep.
25. I always need to know what time it is. It doesn’t matter if I have a place to go or I’m just sitting down to watch TV.

Now you know a little bit more about me 🙂


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