High Five for Friday

8 Jun

Friday, Friday, thank God it’s Friday!

Linking up with Lauren at From My Gray Desk blog!

1.  I’m obsessed with watching House Hunters on HGTV – and now I have the opportunity to feel like I’m on the show. Haha, kidding… sort of. This week I set up a time to meet with my Relator so he can show me three new houses.  Even though there won’t be camera men following us around, I’m still pretty excited to see more than one house this weekend.

2. I took my sister and her boyfriend out for ice cream. It was a nice evening just chatting and catching up. I don’t get to hang out with my sister very much since we always seem to work different hours. I enjoyed seeing them both : ) They’re adorable.

3. Last weekend I got to spend time with some of my favorite people. We all became close friends in college (minus one, I’ve know her practically my whole life : ) ) We live all over the state and don’t get to see each other too often, so I always enjoy the time we spend together. One of the girls had a party at her house so we all headed to her place for the weekend.

4.  I squeezed a (long) nap in on my afternoon off : )

5.  I finished this project, and am still trying to find the perfect place to hang it. Lately I’ve been obsessed with anything gray… so picking out the paint color was way easy! I think I’m now going to be hooked on crafting new things from old pieces. : D

Have an awesome weekend!

-Ashten May


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