Happy Anniversary : )

4 Jun

Saturday was my 4 year anniversary at work. I started at ETC actually 5 years ago. I worked one year as summer help (not included in the 4 years), then started part time and finally was hired on full time once I finished college.  Seems crazy! I look back at when I started there and how my life has changed since. I was a young kid just finishing my first year in college when I started. Now I’m a college graduate and have been for a year.

Every year for our anniversary we get a balloon and a chocolate bar, along with our new certificate. It’s always a nice little “surprise.”

I never forget my anniversary date because it happens to be the exact same date as my parents wedding anniversary. This year they are celebrating 28 years. Since my anniversary has landed on a week day in the past, I’ve always brought by balloon home the same  day. Each year my mom smiles when she sees it and asked if I bought her a balloon to celebrate her anniversary. I always smile and saw we can share . : ) But since I don’t eat chocolate, she always gets the chocolate bar. I’m nice like that!

Who doesn’t love an old picture or two? : ) Here is the happy couple almost 30 years ago. Everyone says I look just like my mom.

Happy anniversary all around!

-Ashten May


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