Message Board

2 Jun

Lately I’ve seen so many old picture frames revamped in new and unique pieces of functional wall art. So naturally, I wanted to give this trend a try.

I picked this beauty up for FREE at a garage sale. This was laying by the curb in a free pile and i scooped it right up. My mom happened to be out garage sale-ing with me and heard the lady in the garage cheering that someone was actually taking this picture. I know what you’re thinkin’… why on earth would you want that piece? Just wait!… : )  I had an idea as soon as I saw it.

This frame is 2 feet tall by 4 feet wide,  the perfect size for a message board.

I began by prying the back off and removing the painting.  I was left with this pretty cool wood frame. The frame also had a canvas/metal matting on it, I decided to leave that in place because it helps to add a little more dimension to it. I sanded the entire the thing lightly to give it a little texture so the paint would stick well.

Because there was the canvas/metal matting, I decided to choose two colors. I painted the wood part light gray and the matting white. I just used regular indoor paint from Menards. It took 3 thin coats to get the coverage that I wanted.

After the paint had dried, I cut a piece of chicken wire to fit the back of the frame.  Stapling this stuff to the frame gets tricky! It is definitely a two person job. I just used a staple gun to attach the wire and then hammered the staples a little bit further into the wood so they were flush. I also bent over any of the raw wire edges, this way there weren’t any sharp parts sticking out.  Almost finished!

I tend to be a little messy when I’m crafting, can you tell by the picture above? 😀

The entire time I was working on this project I had pictured in my mind that I would hang this picture horizontally. Once I was finished with it, i decided that it looked pretty cool vertically too.

I found these adorable mini clothes pins at Hobby Lobby in the wood craft section. I knew they would be the perfect item to complete my message board.  I like how the wall color behind becomes the background for the board.

What do you think? Have you revamped any old  picture frames into a new piece?

-Ashten May


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