Photos + Wall = <3

21 Apr

Garage sale season is upon us! I don’t know about where you are from, but in Wisconsin garage sales are big. I can remember getting up early on Saturday mornings and heading out to hit up all of the local sales with my mom, grandma and sister. We would have hours worth of fun walking up and down neighborhood streets sifting through others junk. Oh the memories. 🙂 Who doesn’t love finding new “treasures” for $0.25 or $0.50?

So…. on that note. I can’t wait until garage sales are in full swing around here. One of the things on my “hunt list” this year are unique frames. I love the look of different frame shapes/sizes/textures but all the same color. Here are a few of my recent photo wall inspiration photos:

{Photo Credit}

{Photo Credit}

{Photo Credit}

{Photo Credit}

{Photo Credit}

 Do you love garage sales? (I’m making another assumption here… Are there people who haven’t actually been to a garage sale? I hope not, because you’d be missing out!)

Happy hunting this garage sale season 🙂

-Ashten May


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