Watch Bracelet

16 Apr

A few months ago my grandmother was cleaning out some of her old jewelry, and all of these watches were in a box to be thrown out. I love old watch faces, so when I saw these heading for the dumpster i scooped them right up! I wasn’t sure what I was exactly going to do with them when I first brought them home, but I had thought about  making a bracelet or maybe a pendant necklace of some sort.

I began by prying all of the bands off and ended up with a whole pile of watch faces.  I bought some jewelry links, pulled out the mini needle-nose pliers and ended up with this piece. I think it turned out quite well.

I found that five watch faces and 3 links between in each one came out to the perfect length for me.  I’m excited to wear it!

And, take a look at this one – It was my great grandmother’s watch.  I didn’t have the heart to take this one apart. It’s so beautiful!  I decided to just display it on a small dish in the house.

I still have a whole pile of faces to be used on another project. What would you do with them?

-Ashten May


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